Indus Testnet Is Live

Indus is MOI’s Multi-Phase Incentivized Testnet. We encourage general public to come together and try out MOI stack

MOI Ecosystem


IOME allows you to create and manage your Digital Me and Digital Avatars to make context aware interactions in digital as well as real world.

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MoiBit is a personalized decentralized secure storage network. MoiBit provides users complete ownership and end-to-end control of their digital information..

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Create digital twins and skeuomorphic digital assets like a breeze with an e-commerce like experience. Beyond the boundaries of crypto, supporting fiat currencies for all.

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Apps building on Testnet

Here’s a list of applications that are planning to deploy their application on the Indus Testnet:
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7th Jan 2022

Basic Provenance
Node liveness

21st May 2022

Proof of Storage
MOI Voyage

22nd Aug 2022

Produce Tesseracts
Proof of Context (Participants) & Modulated Trust
Smart Contract development using Assembly

23rd Oct 2022

Full Smart Contract Support (Cocolang)
Performance Optimisation (Bandwidth Efficiency & Throughput)
Support for Staking, On Chain Inflation Management and Effort Calculation

26th Nov 2022

Governance & Reputation Mechanisms
Sophistication in SARGA (Participant-level Genesis)

26th Dec 2022

Development Tools and Resources
Sophistication of Metaverse Layer