Build Intelligent web3 apps on a Protocol that supports dynamic layers

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No code low code

Create and manage digital assets with very little code

Simple and practical

Manage your state in the language you prefer.

Infinitely scalable

Write simple and safe parallel programming

Context-aware interactions

Offer tailored trust to your app users based on value and risk.

What the community is building

Decentralized Educational Records System

Implementing a decentralized academic record system using blockchain technology that can streamline the management and verification of academic records.

Contest Voting System

Using blockchain technology to create a voting system for contests that isn't controlled by one central authority.

Buy Me A Tea

Imagine a "Buy Me Tea" experience powered by the decentralized technology of Web3. Instead of traditional fiat currencies, supporters send you crypto directly through their wallets as with the help of this we can say goodbye to fees and limitations of traditional payment systems. We are using smart contracts to increase trust of users and automate all transactions making it best platform for people to donate for their favorite creators.

Government Funds Monitor

Decentralized application for better budget of village panchayat raj system

Decentralized CrowdFunding

Use of MOI and cocolang to develop a Decentralized Crowdfunding where fund-transfer and succession of fund generation are transparent.

Flight Delay Insurance 

Revolutionize your travel experience with our Decentralized Flight Delay Insurance app. Automatic compensation triggered by real-time flight data, reducing paperwork and ensuring transparency. Trust in a seamless process—no intermediaries, just efficient and objective compensation. Travel with confidence, simplified.

Decentralised Reddit

Decentralized Social Media Platform where users can create, upvote and downvote posts without worrying about censorship


Decentral Freelance is a groundbreaking decentralized freelancing platform addressing major issues prevalent in current Web2 platforms.


Livebloc is a decentralized livestreaming platform that aims to address the challenges faced by conventional streaming platforms.

Loyalty Program

Secure Loyalty Points Management for Both Businesses and Individuals

No Code Application

The NoCode Platform using MOI's Cocolang Contracts is a groundbreaking solution that empowers users to create dynamic websites without any coding knowledge. This platform leverages MOI's Cocolang Contracts for secure and transparent interactions.


A Blockchain-Powered Bridge for Seamless Academic Verification Between Institutions and Employers.

P2P Decentralised Exchange

Transform the DEXs ecosystem by introducing a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) order book system, built on the innovative MOI blockchain.


Adwally, a decentralised Ads Platform, that incentivises users for watching personalized ads


EcoCreds is a pioneering solution designed to tackle existing challenges in the carbon credits domain, such as excessive involvement of intermediaries and time inefficiencies.

Indie Play

Indie Play is a decentralized web app designed for independent directors and small content creators, especially those in less explored genres.

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Just head over to Voyage There, you can either create a new wallet or import an existing BIP-44 standard wallet. Once you're set up, just go to the faucet page to claim your KMOI tokens.

Yes Indeed! Voyage goes beyond a typical block explorer. It's a robust platform crafted to not only navigate through interactions but also to support developers in their overall project development

Creating your own digital assets is really easy on MOI. Unlike other blockchains, you don't need to write and deploy any custom smart contract! Just visit Voyage-RPC and follow a few simple steps to create your very first native fungible or non-fungible asset.

Coco is programming language for writing logic's (smart-contracts) for your applications on MOI. With Cocolang, you have the capability to write custom logics, which are subsequently deployed onto the MOI network. Then you can seamlessly integrate these logics into your app, to make it a decentralised application.

You can connect your client app with your Coco-logic using the js-moi-sdk, which is a developer-friendly JavaScript SDK designed to interact with your Cocolang logics and make various other RPC calls as well. Get started with js-moi-sdk

We've got some projects ready for you to try out. They'll help you understand how to build decentralised apps on the MOI network. Sample projects