the alpha projects

Developer Talent

Projects built on MOI

Loyalty Program

Secure Loyalty Points Management for Both Businesses and Individuals.

No Code Application

The NoCode Platform using MOI's Cocolang Contracts is a groundbreaking solution that empowers users to create dynamic websites without any coding knowledge. This platform leverages MOI's Cocolang Contracts for secure and transparent interactions.

Decentralised Reddit

Decentralized Social Media Platform where users can create, upvote and downvote posts without worrying about censorship.


A Blockchain-Powered Bridge for Seamless Academic Verification Between Institutions and Employers.

P2P Decentralised Exchange

Transform the DEXs ecosystem by introducing a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) order book system, built on the innovative MOI blockchain.


Adwally, a decentralised Ads Platform, that incentivises users for watching personalized ads.


EcoCreds is a pioneering solution designed to tackle existing challenges in the carbon credits domain, such as excessive involvement of intermediaries and time inefficiencies.

Indie Play

Indie Play is a decentralized web app designed for independent directors and small content creators, especially those in less explored genres.

Decentralised Flight Delay Insurance

A decentralised system can be designed to automatically trigger compensation payments to travelers in event of a flight delay. The system will be linked to a real time flight data Oracle.


Decentral Freelance is a groundbreaking decentralized freelancing platform addressing major issues prevalent in current Web2 platforms.


Livebloc is a decentralized livestreaming platform that aims to address the challenges faced by conventional streaming platforms.

Asset Creator

A simple app that creates native fungible and non-fungible assets using js-moi-sdk without deploying any contract/logic to the blockchain.