Built with ISM

Millions of nodes
Billions of transactions

No sharding. No rollups. No sidechains.

Participant-centric consensus

Dynamic state channels that boost performance & security using network randomness

Context-aware execution

Protocol managed micro-interactions for improved security

Local finality, global truth

Supporting billions of assets across millions of nodes

Asset specific data structure

Hyper-concurrency through multi-linked DAG

Together, we can humanize web3

MOI uses participants as a key element of computation to realize a new era of "contextual computation".

This subtle shift reorients technology to the needs of humans rather than applications, ensuring an equitable, democratic, simple, and sustainable future for the digitally interacting world.

A revolutionary new way to do things

Multi-linked composite DAGs

Participant-centric DAGs with transition links to speed up finality and interaction links for network-wide security

Consensus based on PoXt

An interaction consensus set of participants, including the context nodes of the sender, the receiver, and stochastic nodes, is created dynamically to agree on state transitions.

Protocol managed interactions

General purpose micro-interactions achieved through decoupling state management from business logic.

Built for the next-generation of web3 developers

General purpose and interoperable

When you think participants first, not app-specific chains, you get guaranteed interoperability on day one.

Efficient and scalable data structure

MOI’s unique Multi-linked DAG architecture makes it exceedingly efficient compared to other blockchains

More nodes equals greater security

State management at the protocol level means no more bridges and near-zero risk of hacks

Get more done with fewer lines of code

Run business logics on assets, other logics and icons-library with as few as three to four lines of code.

More nodes with faster consensus

The unique PoXT consensus model allows the network to become faster with parallel local consensus

Works with your favourite language

Whether you write Javascript, Solidity, Python or Rust our transpiler works for you.

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Project timeline

Q1 2022

MOI is born

After considerable research on ISM, MOI is conceived as the network that will enable a humanized web3.

2023 Q2-Q3

Babylon Era

Launch of Voyage explorer, asset and logic operations, private beta of Cocolang, MOI guardians programme

2024 Q1-Q2

Chola Era

MOI mainnet, MOI tokens, incentive locking, foundation and community testnets, Solidity transpiler

2025 Q1

Nubia Era

Rust logic development, context-aware computation, perceived asset values, non-MOI assets as fuel

2025 Q4 - 2026 Q1

Delphi Era

Currently anticipated to be the last of major eras. Delphi brings Hanoi runtime and Python logic development

2022 Q2 - 2023 Q1

Indus Era

The era of Indus with the first MOI testnet where replicators start the first transactions on-chain

2023 Q4

Olmec Era

Open source release of MOI, Public beta of Cocolang, reputation engine and logic operations

2024 Q3-Q4

Giza Era

Meru runtime, IGC routing, interaction packing, oracle logic standards, decentralized KYC protocol

2025 Q2-Q3

Celtic Era

Typescript logic development, context-aware DHTs, differential messaging

Latest news and insights

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Bringing context to the blockchain: MOI’s path to making a more personalised internet

With a context-specific infrastructure for computation, My Own Internet (MOI) and its blockchain are looking to build a personalised network that emulates human interaction to a closer degree than most other chains.

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Own your Internet in the Web3 era

Web3’s decentralised nature is a significant departure from the internet’s prior incarnations.

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How Web3 Startups Can Support Energy Conservation Efforts

Web2 brought evolution into the internet world with its inception and over a short period of time became a highly interactive, accessible, and easily navigable solution.

Indian Web2

World’s 1st Context Aware P2P Protocol, MOI, Brings New Dynamics to Web3

My Own Internet (MOI), a personalized Web3 internet protocol, is focused on driving web3 development and adoption to new heights with their path-breaking IP, Interaction State Machine (ISM), allowing participation at Layer 0.

Contribute to MOI

MOI Guardians

Run a MOI Pod to validate transactions and secure the MOI network

MOI Nation

Perform small but crucial tasks as a CitZen to spread awareness about MOI

MOI Ambassador

Nurture and support the MOI community by educating and connecting members

Community Hangouts

Dive into engaging discussions about MOI on our outreach channels