Built with ISM

A participant-centric protocol that prioritizes human values

Stake reputations, not funds

Increased decentralization as the network grows

Human-like interactions

Put humans back in charge, not networks.

Billion of personalised assets

Complete ownership and control over your assets

Personalised for individual preferences

Safely interact digitally like you do in the real world

Together, we can humanize web3

MOI uses participants as a key element of computation to realize a new era of "contextual computation".

This subtle shift reorients technology to the needs of humans rather than applications, ensuring an equitable, democratic, simple, and sustainable future for our digital interactions.

Meet the humans that are building MOI

Anantha R Krishnan

Founder, MOI

CEO, Sarva Labs

A note from the founder

While studying blockchains in 2016, I sensed a profound societal shift to fully integrate technology into all human interactions. I have come to believe that we are evolving into a primarily digital society, increasingly reliant on ubiquitous technology.

This shift places unprecedented computational demands on current technological tools, which are centralized, impersonal, and inflexible. Human interactions, on the other hand, are personal, dynamic, and contextual. Thus, we must reimagine these technologies to empower users and prioritize human values, such as happiness.

MOI is designed as a framework for simple, equitable, sustainable, and humanized digital interactions. It addresses key challenges of scalability, security, and sustainability in current web3 systems through an innovative design leveraging ISM technology. More importantly, its true value lies in the groundbreaking concept of contextual computation, where, for the first time, participants (not networks or applications) have a seat at the table of computation!

Core Team

Ganesh Prasad Kumble

Research and Development

Lenkala Rahul Reddy

Protocol Development

Manish Meganathan

Protocol Development

Sai Prashanth Vuppala

Ecosystem Development


Manish Rai Jain

Advisor, Dgraph Labs

Nilotpal Mukherjee

Advisor, Momentum 6

N Viswanadham

Academic Advisor, IISC

Chandresh Aharwar

Advisor, Unilend Finance

Peter Chmiel

Advisor, Go NFT Yourself

Raj A Kapoor

Advisor, IBA and BCC

Lakshmin Nagalingam

Advisor, Morgan Stanley

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World’s 1st Context Aware P2P Protocol, MOI, Brings New Dynamics to Web3

My Own Internet (MOI), a personalized Web3 internet protocol, is focused on driving web3 development and adoption to new heights with their path-breaking IP, Interaction State Machine (ISM), allowing participation at Layer 0.

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