May 2023 - August 2023

A new era begins... Babylon is alive

Babylon mythology

The Babylon Testnet is an incentivized public network with permissioned guardians. It is primarily intended to be a value transfer network with support for native multi-dimensional assets and logic execution with the PISA runtime, achieving consensus with PoXt.

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What to expect

Indus Today

V 0.1.0

Verified NOde operators

295 operators

Guardian nodes

1,192 nodes

Validator rewards

2,090,000 MOI

Nakamoto Coefficient


Babylon Tomorrow

V 0.2.0

Verified NOde operators

Upto 5,600 operators

Guardian Nodes

Upto 10,000 nodes

Guardian Rewards

Upto 21,000,000 MOI

Nakamoto Coefficient

Upto 510*

Get early access

Active MOI users are invited to sign up for early access to the Babylon Testnet. Apply today to reserve one of the few available spots!